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Season 2 of the MIX series, only on FEEDBACK :)

This is a presale for the MIX KM 6 channel mixer.

We will build a limited 20 units batch of mixers and those who will participate in the presale will get it SOONER and CHEAPER than the following batches. To make this happen we have to buy large quantities of hardware (pots, jacks, switches etc) and the presale will enable us to do this. 

The presale price for MIX KM is 210Eur (without VAT) and the price after the official release will be 250EUr (without VAT).

We estimate finishing building the 20 units 4 months after closing the presale (last unit sold).

MIX KM  (like our PRE KM channel strip) is based on a famous late seventies small mixer used by many electronic music bands.

Tech specs:
- 35HP front panel
- 35mm depth behind front panel including the power connector
- 6 mono input jacks ( 1 per channel)
- Pot controls for channels : Gain, Hi, Low, Aux1 send, Aux2 send, Pan, Volume
- 6 mute switches (1 per channel)
- Pot controls for master : Master Level, Headphone Level, Aux1 Return, Aux2 Return
- 2 x mono aux send jacks
- 4 mono input jacks for two stereo Aux returns
- 2 jacks for master left and right out
- one 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone out
- boxed 10 pin euro power (+12V / -12V)

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