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It means trigger combiner. It helps to extend the functionality of sequencers, counters, divider, etc.

Do you have a sequencer with individual step trigger/gate outs? You can drive with the same one lane step sequencer more destinations by combining with T-COMB some of the individual trig/gate outs.
For example a simple one lane sequencer with T-COMB can drive at the same time a monophonic bass line, a bass drum and a snare drum. Add more T-COMBs depending on your needs.

Another way to use T-COMB is combining different outs of a counter, divider or multiplier. You can achieve interesting and complex rhythm patterns by combining two or three outputs and drive a percussion or hi-hat.

T-COMB can also be used as a way to rectify and combine CV signals, for example  two LFOs with different waveforms and running at different frequencies.
Your imagination is the limit.

CMS-LAB module

Tech specs:

-width 5HP
-20mm depth behind the panel

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