1BIT Multitap Delay

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We are discontinuing the 1BIT Delay because we have hard times to procure the 64K srams plus it's very hard to produce and always we are missing some parts.

These are the last 5 modules and the last 5 kits we have.

1BIT Multitap Delay is an adaptation of classic 1bit delays from the 80s to eurorack with many interesting add-ons.

Tech specs:
-width 22HP
-50mm depth behind the panel with power cable installed
-3 cv inputs : FB1 CV, FB2 CV, EXT MOD
-3 cv level pots : FB1 CV, FB2 CV, EXT LEV
-1 signal input : INPUT
-1 gate input : LOOP
-9 control pots : IN LEV, TAP1 LEV, TAP2 LEV, DRY, FEEDBACK1, FEEDBACK2.
-2 tap select switches (8pos) : TAP1, TAP2
-3 on-on switches : feedback1 NORM/INV, feedback2 NORM/INV, loop ON/OFF
-3 on-off-on switches : feedback1 eq SOFT/OFF/HARD, feedback2 eq SOFT/OFF/HARD
lfo modulation EXT/OFF/INT
-1 push momentary switch: LOOP
-3 outputs : TAP1, TAP2, MIX
-standard 10 pin euro power +12V / -12V
-power consumption +12V 230mA , -12V 85mA

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▼Download - Calibration

1BIT Multitap Delay - Muffwiggler

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