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Have your own modular bus & matrix router system inside your modular.

Ever dreamed to have a matrix routing system in your euro case similar to what is in the
venerable ARP2500? Take a couple of BUS1s and a few BUS3s connect them with the bus cables and voila, you can connect your sources to BUS1, connect destinations to BUS3 and decide which source you want to modulate your destination with an eight position rotary selector switches.
Each BUS3 will route signals to three destinations. You want to have nine destinations? Add a couple more of BUS3s and problem solved.
Maybe you just want something simple, like having a big passive multi to distribute signals across your case. Take a couple of BUS1s and one or two BUS2s, distribute them across your case in left, middle and right and you will have an eight bus multi for less cable clutter in your case.

Maybe you want to connect together two euro cases? It is possible.

Imagination is the limit. Do your own custom routing setup tailored to your needs.

You need to buy a pair of short cables or long cables available here :
BUS Cables Short
BUS Cables Long

BUS1, BUS2 & BUS3 are part of a new line of modules designed by CMS-LAB and sold by Feedback Modules.

Tech specs:

-width 6HP
-25mm depth behind the panel

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