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CP3+ Mixer DIY KIT2

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The CP3PLUS is an accurate recreation in Eurorack format of one of the most appreciated vintage modular audio mixers. The specific distortion makes it not only a great summing unit but also a great sound design tool.The included MULTI is a welcome bonus.

KIT2 :
- 1 x PCB + Front Panel
- 79L06
- 2 x 2N3904 (matched)
- 2 x 2N3906 (matched)
- 10 x Minijack sockets
- 4 x 50KA POTS
- 1 x 10KB Dualgang POT
- 5 x 1900h Cream Knobs

▼Download - Build Files

CP3+ DIY - Muffwiggler

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