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LO-FUSION is a remake of the classic Polyfusion from the 70s with some improvements.
It is a low pass OTA VCF based on the well known LM13700 ic.
We chose to make this circuit because it's v/oct stable, and the trimmers allow to calibrate it properly.
It has a switch for 2 pole and 4 pole configuration, each with it's own character and timbre.
This design produces nice sounding filter fm results.

KIT2 :
- 2 x PCBs + Front Panel
- 4 x 2N5457 FET transistors
- 3 x 50KB pots
- 1 x 50KA pot
- 5 x Minijack sockets
- 2 x 6way Pinheader Male
- 2 x 6way Pinheader Female
- 4 x 1900h Cream Knobs

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LO-FUSION DIY - Muffwiggler

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