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This module is the result of almost a year of brainstorming to make a multipurpose sound destruction module.

After checking several classic distortion/fuzz/overdrive/clipping circuits, we decided to blend several ideas in one module and give you enough options, so you can mangle your sound to your taste.

The circuit blends direct clean sound with two different type of distortions.

One circuit is a FET preamp based on a classic circuit of a mini portable cassette recorder & mixer combo from the eighties. It has variable gain and level control.

The other circuit is based on classic guitar pedal distortion/fuzz with switchable diode or MOSFET distortion. This circuit also has variable gain and level control.

The two distortion circuits are followed by a Baxandall two band equaliser (the one from our PRE-KM module) to shape the distorted sound to your pleasure.

Finally the mangled (double distorted/clipped equalised) sound is blended with the clean sound for the right balance.

This module sounds great on drums, bass synth or even acoustic sources. Enjoy your new sound shaping toy.

On the technical side we took great care for the PCB design and although this is an SMD circuit board we decided to use through hole parts where we considered it matters (some capacitors and the FETs).

- 2 x PCBs + Front Panel

▼Download - Build Files

PUNK Module - Modwiggler


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