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A simple but very useful power ON/OFF module

Did it ever happened to you the following situation?
You are in the middle of a jamming session and suddenly one of your digital modules freeze or starts to make some digital noises that affects all the modules. You need to shut down your eurorack setup to restart the problematic module, but you have a complex sound textures in the volatile memory of your granular module or an interesting sound you just sampled, or a great feedback sound in your tape delay module. If you shut down the setup to reset the module all those great unique sounds will disappear forever without the chance to be recorded.
RESET is the module that will save your sounds.

Reset is useful to pair it with modules in the following cases:
- modules that freeze or have erratic behaviour and needs a restart
- modules that need to shut down in case of firmware upgrade by connecting with USB cable to a computer
- modules that need to be shut down to change USB sticks or SD cards.
- digital modules that produce digital noise and affect the power rails (sometimes you would prefer to make subtle sounds that would benefit from the noiseless power)

How it works?
It goes between the module you want to have individual power ON/OFF and the power bus. Simple like that.

CMS-LAB module

Tech specs:

-width 4HP
-25mm depth behind the panel
-Power consumed is equal to the power of the linked modules

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