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Snappy nice colorful sound VCA

This is probably one of the snappiest and most colorful in sound VCA in Modularland.
Why? Because it is based on the classic Japanese VCA from the seventies everyone loves.

Most clones use CA3080 or LM13700, this use the original clone of BA662A made by Alfa RPAR.
This VCA will give the classic rubbery sound of the modular, SH and JP series.

Also check ENV100, together are the perfect combination.

Tech specs:

- Panel width 4HP
- 35mm depth behind the panel, including the power connector
- 3 control pots : Input, Gain, CV attenuator
- 1 type switch : Linear or Logarithmic
- 3 jacks : Audio in, Audio out, CV in
- Standard 10 pin euro power +12V/-12V
- Power consumption +12V 20mA , -12V 15mA

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